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New video series marks step-up for EPA transparency

While a fear of the unknown can be common, a lack of knowledge around End Point Assessment (#EPA) may be holding many apprentices back from reaching their true potential and passing assessment without the need for resits.

With around 65% of the population being visual learners, End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) 1st for EPA is launching a new video series to help both apprentices and employers know what to expect from EPA. The series, titled EPA Insider, will cover all aspects of the EPA process in an easily accessible manner.

Managing Director of 1st for EPA, Helen Shinner, said: “One of the reasons apprentices fail EPA first time round is not to do with lack of ability but rather lack of clarity over how to demonstrate their competency. This means that many apprentices who have the talent to succeed are prevented from doing so.

“While written preparation guides are really valuable, with well over half the population being visual learners, there’s a clear disconnect. As an EPAO we focus on making the process as transparent as possible, so we’re excited to launch our EPA Insider video series. It’s another step forward in making EPA a true representation of apprentices’ capabilities. 

“The video series will focus on clear instructions and practical advice. Preparation and awareness are key to apprentices knowing how to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and behaviours and performing their best.

“A focus on EPA transparency stands to benefit everyone. With the effects of the pandemic still being felt, employers are increasingly looking inwards for talent to drive business forward and apprentices are keen to use their skills.”

The EPA Insider video series will cover topics including: 

  1. Top tips for EPA
  2. Getting your portfolio EPA-ready
  3. What to expect from EPA
  4. Standard-specific EPA, including for marketing, PR, HR and Junior Content Producer

Videos will be publicly accessible on demand. Each video will feature tips, advice and easy to follow content summaries.

1st for EPA is inviting apprentices, employers and training providers to submit questions and areas they’d like to see covered in the video series. 

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