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Nisai Education Trust receives a grant from the Oak Foundation to improve literacy levels in the United States

Nisai Education Trust has recently received a two-year grant from the Oak Foundation’s learning differences programme.

The grant will aid the management and delivery of a project to widen the reach of the ‘Units of Sound’ service for young people with poor literacy levels in the United States.

The Oak Foundation partners with and invests in not-for-profit organisations that improve education for all students, particularly those with learning differences. For a number of years, the Oak Foundation has played a significant role in supporting Units of Sound, the literacy specialist service acquired by Nisai group earlier in 2019.

The funding will enable Nisai Education Trust to engage in research around, and evaluation of, effective literacy interventions with the University of Georgia, Atlanta. The project will also share the development of new and innovative partnerships to engage in state and federal projects for learners vulnerable to underachievement due to poor levels of literacy.

Paul Keenleyside, Executive Director of the Nisai Education Trust, said:

“We are very pleased indeed to be entering into a partnership with the Oak Foundation, an organisation that shares our values and ambition to make good on the ambition to ensure that ‘Every child has a right to an education’. Nisai Education Trust is also excited to be part of the Oak grantee network which will help us to reach out and both support and learn from other organisations engaged in fighting to overcome the barriers to education that far too many young people globally continue to experience”

About Nisai: We believe that everyone has equal value and should have access to high quality education around the world. It is our mission to give traditional and non-traditional learners the skills to flourish through innovative education and by influencing positive institutional change. We provide an inclusive, social and student-focused environment that welcomes learners of all backgrounds.

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