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On average, the UK has saved 2 days and 18 hours by not commuting to work!

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Interesting research from @flexioffices – For the UK, lockdown was announced on Monday 23rd of March and it’s safe to say that 2020 has seen the working lives of people in the UK change almost beyond recognition. From furloughs to working at home, the daily routine has been well and truly disrupted.

If you are one of the fortunate people that are able to work from home during lockdown, one benefit you might be enjoying is the time saved by not commuting daily to work.

Flexioffices have done some research on just how much time people are saving across the UK by not commuting to and from work each day, and the results are very surprising!

The amount of time saved varies region by region, with London unsurprisingly enduring a yawn-inducing 1 hour and 19 minutes to get to and from work every day. Therefore, they have saved 3 days and 16 hours in total!

On average, the UK is saving an hour each day from not commuting, and that means since the beginning of lockdown you could have saved over 2 days and 18 hours by now:

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The potential time saved is huge! But what are you doing with it? This may an opportunity for you to improve everyday life and aid your mental health; from exercise and trying new recipes, to catching up on sleep.

However you choose to spend your time, it could be the perfect opportunity to switch off from the world and catch up on those TV series you have on your list to watch but couldn’t find the time.

Taking those 2 days and 18 hours or so to fill, there’s a plethora of fantastic TV you could enjoy.

One of the highest rated series of recent years would fit neatly into the time available, with Breaking Bad taking 2 days and 14 hours to watch in its entirety. Or if you wanted something more light-hearted and funny to take your mind off the everyday existential dread, you could lose yourself in the eternally delightful worlds of Parks and Recreation (2 days and 15 hours) or Schitts Creek (1 day 16 hours).

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Michael Dubicki, Director of Business Development at Flexioffices has commented;

Covid-19 has upended the way we look at the working day, so it was interesting to look at just how much time we’re saving (or gaining, depending which way you look at it!). Once we are in ‘the new normal’, it will be fascinating to observe how much of this added time continues to be used, and whether we choose to take advantage of this time to engage in more social / relaxation activities, or just work more!


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