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Outdoor activities are key to reducing stress

Richard Thomas, Training and Development Manager at Skern Training & Skills

Education experts at Inspiring Learning the outdoor education, and adventure specialists, are encouraging more people to engage in outdoor activities as a way of helping to reduce the nation’s rising stress levels.

In a study conducted by the Mental Health Foundation, it revealed that fewer UK adults feel they are coping well with the stress of the pandemic. In April 2020, 73 per cent said they were coping well, but in February 2021 the figure dropped to 64 per cent.

This Stress Awareness Month (April), it’s more important than ever that people of all ages find the time to engage in activities to help reduce stress. As restrictions are easing, education experts at Inspiring Learning say outdoor activities are more vital than ever to alleviating the strain on the country’s mental health.

Inspiring Learning has over 40 years’ experience in enhancing the lives of young people through experiences that inspire. This includes Camp Beaumont, the UK’s largest day camp provider for children, along with Kingswood, which offers educationally-rich residential activity breaks for schools and groups, as well as Skern Training & Skills; a fantastic place to try an extensive range of exciting activities all of which help those across all life stages from nursery to boardroom.  

The stresses of the office

 As restrictions are slowly lifted, many of us will be faced with the challenge of readjusting to office life. With working from home becoming the new norm for many, Richard Thomas, Training and Development Manager at Skern Training & Skills anticipates that the return to the office will bring its own stresses.

Richard said: “Over the past year, working environments have drastically changed. Working from home looks like it’s here to stay in some form, however as many return to the office, it’ll be interesting to see how people adapt. Having not worked face to face for so long, it’s essential that employers ensure the transition is a smooth one.

“The importance of rebuilding social bonds will be key to helping people manage stress and reintegrate with their colleagues. During the adjustment phase, outdoor activities and team bonding exercises will be crucial to helping people make up for lost time in rebuilding social connections.

“The benefits of the outdoor activities Skern Training & Skills offer are extensive, and more than anything, they help people to be healthy and active while engaging with their peers.”

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