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Over 3,400 young people make their voices heard through Youth Employment UK’s Youth Voice Census.

Youth Employment UK's Youth Voice Census

Sponsored by Amazing Apprenticeships (@AmazingAppsUK), Youth Employment UK’s (@YEUK2012) annual Youth Voice Census results are now live, offering insight into the thoughts of young people when it comes to employment opportunities, careers education and the employment and apprenticeship support open to them.

The Census also looks at the impact of the pandemic, how it has affected those in education, looking for work or in employment over the past 18 months and offers insight into mental health and well being.

“This incredible Census report by Youth Employment UK shows yet another significant shift for our young people and the careers support that they receive,” said Anna Morrison, founder and director, Amazing Apprenticeships. “Whilst it is a remarkable achievement that nearly 86% of young people state that they have had apprenticeships discussed with them as an option, there is clearly more work to be done to ensure that all vocational options are being discussed. Not enough young people feel they are being supported when applying for apprenticeships (19%) and only 1 in 10 young people feel confident that they will be able to find quality work local to where they live.”

Youth Employment UK and Amazing Apprenticeships are partnering together on an upcoming conference series, aimed at helping employers and training providers to develop high-quality programmes that attract, nurture and support young talent.

“With only 41% of apprentices rating the availability of apprenticeships near them to be ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, the conference is a timely opportunity for employers to truly make the most of the apprenticeship opportunities they are developing,” adds Morrison.

With expert speakers from across the apprenticeship sector and employers with incredibly successful apprenticeship programmes, the conference will present the findings of the survey and address many of the concerns raised within the census around apprenticeship opportunities.

“We know from young people that they are keen to explore careers through apprenticeships and that when in an apprenticeship young people report high levels of satisfaction. But, there is, of course, more to do to raise the standards, volume and opportunities for those young people who face multiple challenges to enter apprenticeships, particularly in the wake of Covid-19 and all that it has done to our young generation,” said Laura-Jane Rawlings, CEO of Youth Employment UK

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