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Padworth College holds the keys to securing a bright future

  • A school renowned for celebrating individuality, diversity and internationalism now has control of its future direction

Reading, 29th November 2016 – Leading independent senior school Padworth College is delighted to announce that it has taken the next step towards securing a bright future for the school and more importantly its students, which has been made possible as it has secured ownership of the school’s land and buildings from its former landlord Padworth Estates Limited.

For the first time the institution has  control over the property decisions it makes,  which will help to assure the College’s ongoing and future stability. Padworth College intends to take this opportunity to  review the scope for developing the school building and grounds to match the style of the philosophy and its principles of celebrating individuality and internationalism. The school prides itself on offering a unique and highly differentiated approach to learning, and places great importance on embracing both the traditional English and varied international cultures contributed by the 30 different nationalities of its students.

The College is a listed building, which was formerly the residence of Matthew Darby-Griffiths, a highly regarded Major General in the Grenadier Guards. The previous lease had placed certain restrictions upon the use of the building, which the College now has the opportunity to alleviate.

Jonathan Rawes, Chairman of Padworth College Trust Limited commented: “Purchasing the freehold means that we now have a property asset on the balance sheet. Therefore, we now have control of the property and freedom to make decisions in relation to it.  Also by taking this action the trustees are demonstrating their confidence in the future stability of the College.”

There are  a number of potential plans and ideas to further develop the building with a key focus on changes that can be made to better shape the school’s learning environment. Until now, the institution focused its efforts on evolving the academic opportunities and the boarding facilities, as well as refining the school’s philosophy. However, with the new property ownership the school now has the opportunity to reflect the spirited philosophies and teachings of those at Padworth College within the very body of the school.

Padworth College is located in the South East of England, 40 miles outside of London with great links into London and to the rest of the country. It is situated in an historic Berkshire country estate just 40 minutes away from Heathrow International Airport, providing the perfect mix of British tradition with the modernity of varied nationalities, culture and a global learning environment.

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