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PatSnap supports R&D growth in Turkey with TLS.IP partnership

PatSnap, the world’s leading provider of research and development (R&D) analytics, and TLS.IP, an Intellectual Property (IP) and Innovation Management consultancy firm based in Turkey, have today announced a partnership agreement which will strengthen and grow PatSnap’s presence in the Turkish market.

Turkey, advantageously located between Europe and Asia, has been working to improve its IP laws, protections and incentives in recent years.

Omer Hiziroglu, CLP Managing Partner at TLS.IP, said that “following recent regulatory changes, Turkey has seen a boost in its innovation and R&D, particularly towards improving the quality of its patents. We’ve also seen a big rise in universities establishing Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) to more effectively commercialise their innovations.”

PatSnap, which has offices in Singapore, China, the UK and USA, has brought together the world’s largest R&D dataset. By combining patent data, licensing and litigation data, economic data, patent valuation, non-patent literature and image and chemical formula search, PatSnap provides the world’s most innovative organisations with a new, intuitive source of information for use during research. The partnership between TLS.IP and PatSnap will see TLS.IP become the first distributor of PatSnap’s analytics platform to individuals and organisations based in Turkey.

TLS.IP and PatSnap will be extending their collaboration on TLS.IP’s technology management and validation platform, TECHIN2B, where PatSnap will have a dedicated page.

TLS.IP has a track record of delivering high quality strategic advisory services to identify, manage and maximise the value of intellectual assets in a transformative process in line with corporate business and innovation strategies. Its clients range from multinational corporations to universities and start-ups. The TLS.IP team has over 30 years of experience in Turkey, and has fostered a strong and rapidly growing community of IP and R&D professionals, including Turkey’s leading contract research organisation (CRO) and automotive firms, as well as a number of research institutions.

Prior to partnering with PatSnap, TLS.IP has been a user of another global IP data provider for a number of years. “Having seen PatSnap grow and penetrate different markets, along with the rapid development of its data and analytics tools, we have made the strategic decision to instead offer PatSnap’s product to our customers and contacts,” said Mr. Hiziroglu.

He continued: “what we’ve found in PatSnap is an intuitive tool to navigate and discover commercial data – especially now that the Turkish government is asking SMEs to provide valuations of their IP in order to better provide incentives. PatSnap’s patent valuation function is very beneficial to Turkish organisations in this sense. At TLS.IP, we also focus heavily on IP strategy for SMEs – and we find that the PatSnap Landscaping analysis tool makes this process so much easier, and the ability to track and compare competitors gives invaluable global business intelligence for forward-looking, innovative companies in Turkey growing internationally. We have also benefited from PatSnap’s various tools in providing strategic competitive advice to our international clients.”

Ray Chohan, SVP, Corporate Strategy, said that “in the past three decades, global R&D efficiency has decreased by about 65 percent. We have been working tirelessly at PatSnap to identify and solve the hugely inefficient practices that hold organisations back from innovating to their potential, through the use of data, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. TLS.IP has an enviable amount of experience in IP and innovation – especially in Turkey – and a network of IP and R&D professionals to match it. We’re delighted that TLS.IP has chosen PatSnap as its preferred vendor when dealing with clients, and we look forward to working with the team to bring these efficiencies and critical business intelligence to the Turkish market.”

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