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Planning For A Career In Digital Media

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According to recent statistics by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, “Employment in media and communication occupations is projected to grow 14% from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations, and will result in about 151,500 new jobs.” 

Any student considering a profession in digital media can look forward to a variety of career options. In addition to the many opportunities available in digital media, there are also in-demand skills you’ll develop that will attract top-tier employers. 

Skills You’ll Develop in a Career in Digital Media 

If you decide to pursue a career in digital media, you position yourself to learn skills that aren’t just influential in digital media, but meaningful in any profession. For example, you’ll grow communication skills that help you better connect with people in the digital world. 

A degree in digital media can also help you gain: 

  • Writing skills
  • Visual design skills
  • Data analysis skills
  • Digital content skills
  • Web development skills 
  • Branding and marketing skills 
  • Video creation and editing skills 

You’ll also become more comfortable with technology, which is critical for success in a digital media role. 

How Technology Can Help You in a Digital Media Role 

There isn’t a role in digital media that doesn’t cling to technology. As technology becomes even more critical in daily life, companies worldwide seek individuals well-versed in different software, hardware, tools, and platforms to help grow their online presence. 

For example, graduates entering the field of digital media will likely be asked to interact with artificial intelligence (AI) tools at some point in their careers. AI involves machines that carry out processes that typically require human intelligence. 

Businesses in the digital media field use AI to give users a personalized experience with brands, content, and social media. If you forge a digital media career rooted in social media, AI will help you learn how your customers behave on social media platforms. You can then pull insights from their engagement data and use them to adjust your strategy for better results.  

Technology is at the core of digital media. So, immersing yourself in it as much as possible will put you ahead in your career. 

Career Opportunities Available in Digital Media 

The career opportunities in digital media are abundant. The first steps are defining your interests in digital media and conducting thorough research on potential career paths that align with them. Here are four career path ideas to get you started. 

Digital marketer 

One of the most popular career paths in digital media is that of digital marketer. A digital marketer is responsible for identifying the most viable digital channels to build brand awareness, generate leads, and promote products and services on. 

Digital marketers wear many hats, from creating content to analysing marketing data and managing a brand’s reputation. If you’re interested in learning more about digital channels, marketing, and branding, a career in digital marketing may be for you. 

Social media manager  

Becoming a social media manager could be a good fit if you want to specialize in a critical digital media field. A social media manager oversees a business’s social media platforms. 

You would be responsible for developing an overarching social media marketing strategy as well as individual campaigns and projects. Social media managers also produce unique content for each platform, manage analytics, and build authentic customer relationships through social media. 

Videographer and editor 

Video content is now the most popular type of content among consumers. People would rather watch a short video than read a blog post or look at an image. It’s much easier to capture an individual’s attention with a video than with any other kind of content.  

So, companies are always on the hunt for talented videographers and editors. Videographers take on the task of filming live and pre-recorded video content. Whether for a special event like a wedding or a company’s documentary, videographers with editing skills are in high demand. 

It’s much easier to create a cohesive video that captures and keeps attention with the help of a skilled videographer. Students that love to shoot and edit videos can find a home with a company or pursue freelancing with this lucrative digital media skillset. 

Web developer  

A web developer creates and maintains websites and other digital applications. They handle the technical aspects of a web application, ensuring it can perform at a high level. 

As stated above, digital media is rooted in technology. Web developers are integral to creating that technology, making them a critical factor in helping digital media evolve. So, if you want to be at the crux of digital media, a career as a web developer is a great choice. 


If you’re considering a career in digital media, you’re setting yourself up for a thriving future. The skills you will develop and the many career opportunities available in the field make digital media a top choice. So, honour your interests and research the digital media careers you’re drawn to in-depth before making a final decision. 

By Dan Matthews, Freelance Writer

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