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Practical Strategies Guide launched to assist early years apprentices in teaching empathy

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Leading early years solutions provider Parenta has released a free, comprehensive guide aimed at empowering apprentices and early years educators to help young children develop the crucial life skill of empathy.

Training staff to effectively teach emotional intelligence and empathy in the early years is fundamental to shaping the future of children.

Key highlights of the guide include:

  • Key differences between kindness and empathy
  • The importance of developing emotional intelligence in early years
  • How teaching children empathy can help prevent bullying and intolerance related to some of the protected characteristics in disability law, such as race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and religion.
  • The different stages of children laying down their neural pathways from newborn to five.
  • Strategies to help early years practitioners teach empathy
  • Resources and signposting

To access the full guide visit and download it here.

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