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techUK welcomes Practice Labs as new member, promoting inclusivity and accessibility to tech careers and skills

Sian Wilson, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Practice Labs

@PracticeLabs becomes member of @techUK 

Practice Labs; the innovative digital skills and digital career edtech business is pleased to announce that they have become members of techUK. 

techUK is the UK’s leading technology membership organisation, representing the companies and technologies that are defining today, the world that we will live in tomorrow. 

Practice Labs is on a mission to help our users, customers, partners and our CREW to be better today than they were yesterday.

Our vision is to help improve the IT skills of one million users by 2023.

We know that achieving the first will help guarantee the second.

Working in partnership with techUK and its membership will support us in levelling up the digital skills of individuals and creating clear talent pathways into tech careers. As well as this, Practice Labs has launched their new Essential Digital Skills programme where anyone wanting to develop digital skills for their work and life can build their knowledge, skill and ability whilst practicing to build their confidence in an increasingly digital world. 

We are excited to work with techUK and its skills arm TechSkills to work collaboratively in promoting inclusivity and accessibility to tech careers and skills and focus on building strong talent pipelines into key areas such as cyber, data, cloud and infrastructure. We already work with many tech businesses in developing their skills of their staff in a safe environment and through our membership with techUK we are looking forward to broadening our reach and impact 

Sian Wilson, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Practice Labs, commented; 

“Working with like-minded partners has always been what Practice Labs is about and when speaking with techUK and its members we are all working together to meet the same goal – to strengthen the UK tech industry by developing positive and sustainable careers for people in tech. TechUK was a natural fit for us as it enables us to work with the sector to collaborate and build the skills of the nation”. 

Tom Lovell, Managing Director at TechSkills, a techUK company, said: 

“It is great to have Practice Lab Systems join techUK, the leading technology trade organisation. Digital skills have never been more important and we really welcome Practice Lab Systems’ work in promoting inclusivity and accessibility to tech careers and skills, particularly in key areas such as cloud and cyber. techUK members working together can make such a difference to the digital skills agenda, and we look forward to helping enable this.” 

Practice Labs established 2007 is now proud to be a member of the ACI learning family.  Practice Labs recognises the power of practice and has diversified to their e-learning portfolio to offer a range of tools and products to support the digital skills drive. Practice Labs has a range of partners from the military to top US colleges. All end users have the same goal, to ‘improve the odds of success in the digital world’. 

techUK is a membership organisation that brings together people, companies and organisations to realise the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve. They collaborate across business, government and stakeholders to fulfil the potential of technology to deliver a stronger society and more sustainable future. By providing expertise and insight, techUK supports their members, partners and stakeholders as they prepare the UK for what comes next in a constantly changing world. 

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