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Retrofit session ensures greener future for staff and students

Borders college (@BordersCollege) staff, Colin Waddell, Mark Easson and Greg Steel recently took part in a ‘Train the Trainer’ session with Wetherby Insulation, to learn how to install the Wetherby External Wall Insulation (EWI) system.

This process is designed to update and upgrade existing properties, to increase the levels of insulation of the home to save energy, reduce heating bills, improve comfort and indoor air quality, and help us to meet our carbon emissions targets.

The aim of the session was for staff to learn about the system so that they can deliver training opportunities to the students, helping them develop the skills needed for a greener construction sector.

The session started with the team installing the base rails and fixing the insulation materials to the exterior wall jig. Corner beading and window trim details were installed, before mixing and applying the base coat. Plastering skills were being tested, but with the expert tuition from the Wetherby team and the staff soon got the hang of it.

Next, the team embedded the reinforcing mesh and all the stress panels and prepared for the topcoat. The correct thickness of topcoat was applied and smoothed out to the prescribed finish ready for the next stage, the dashing. This took some practice to get the correct flick, slap, fling, but the resulting finish was great.

Curriculum and Learning Manager for Sustainable Construction Greg Steel commented:

“Overall, this was a fantastic course. This will allow us to give students a hands-on training opportunity, to learn the skills of EWI, and to install the Wetherby insulation system. It will help them gain employment in the construction industry and in retrofit, a massive growth area that will stimulate the green recovery.”

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