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SERC share expert knowledge at TELMS #EdTech Conference in Dublin

Over the last two years SERC has been involved in delivering a Erasmus+ project on Technology Enhanced Learning Mentoring Support (TELMS) to a range of European partners.

In October, TELMS celebrated the journey of the project and shared the project outcomes at a Conference in the prestigious One Microsoft Place in Leopardstown, where Paula Philpott, Head of the SERC Learning Academy, delivered a presentation which  provided training and support to project mentors as they set up mentoring programmes in their institutions based on SERCs model.

European project partners have trained as TEL mentors with South East Regional College including, H2 Learning (TELMS Project Manager), Ireland, Solksi Centre Kranj (SC Kranj), a VET School, Slovenia and ISIS Malignani (Malignani), a VET Technical Institute, based in Italy.

The TELMS model recognises that teaching staff need to be supported in their efforts to embed technology into classroom practice. The TELMS model facilitated trained TEL mentors to work on a one to one with their teaching peers in the classroom.

Paula Philpott, Head of the SERC Learning Academy said “This is an exciting time for both the project and the partners as the mentoring model has a significant impact on the professional development of teachers, practice in the classroom and engagement of learners. We are delighted to have developed and implemented the TEL MENTORING MODEL in our partner organisations.”

Funded by Erasmus+ Programme, the two-year TELMS project aimed to address the need for Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) as part of Vocational Education Training (VET) Education provision.

The model recognises that teaching staff need to be supported in their efforts to embed technology into classroom practice.

The goal of the project was to provide teachers and institutions with new materials and resources that can support VET teachers’ professional development.

Feedback from the training was extremely positive, participants praised the training from SERCs Learning Academy, they recognised the benefits of peer mentoring and how it has unlocked new opportunities for growth and has improved their teaching and leadership skills immeasurably.

It is expected that the Mentoring Programme will grow into a permanent and evolving tool that can be used for the ongoing professional development of VET teachers. From September 2018 the model has been extended to other schools and colleges.

Speaking at the conference was Dr Kevin Marshall, Head of Education for Microsoft Ireland. Dr Michael Hallissy provided a background to TELMS project and key project outcomes. Brendan Cawley, Teacher seconded as a Microsoft Learning Consultant (Microsoft Ireland) Delivered an inspiration session on ‘how we can use Office 365 to enhance Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Mentoring.’ And ‘How to use Teams as a collaboration tool and Forms for feedback and assessment.’

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