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SERC Students’ Drive to Success

Students from South Eastern Regional College’s (SERC) Downpatrick Campus were presented with certificates following successful completing of the Driving to Success programme.

Driving to Success is delivered by SERC in conjunction with the Downpatrick Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership and funded by the Department for Communities. All participants are residents of the Downpatrick Neighbourhood Renewal area.

Tatiana Seed, Project Officer, Driving to Success at SERC said, “This local project aims to engage with people from the Downpatrick Neighbourhood Renewal Area in Downpatrick to equip them with practical skills and knowledge to improve their employability

She added, “We are delighted that this year 27 students have achieved nationally recognised qualifications in Health and Social Care, Hospitality and Customer Services, Personal Development and IT through SERC.   In addition, the programme has provided free driving lessons and an opportunity for students to take their driving theory and practical test to obtain a full driving licence.   This alone can make a huge difference to participants self-confidence and independence as they go about their daily lives and greatly improves their employment opportunities.

She continued, “Since 2012, over 200 participants have completed Driving to Success. Many students tell us that participation on the programme has helped them build their confidence, boost their self-esteem and motivation alongside the new relevant and practical skills.   Following completion of the course many feel they have the confidence to continue their education at SERC.

Raphael Crummy, Development Manager, Department for Communities said, “Community projects like Driving to Success engage with people in their local area and support them to make a difference for themselves and to transform their community. Driving to Success instils a sense of pride in individuals and their communities which helps make communities stronger.”

Jean Hilditch, who successfully completed the programme this year, spoke at the event. She said, “I would highly recommend the project to others who want to improve their lives and make a positive change.   Personally, I feel I have achieved a lot through the course, having gained more confidence, passed my driving test and I intend to continue my education at SERC.”

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