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Shifting from Retention Methods of Teaching to More Interactive Ones in the Search for New Ways to Engage Students

VISR Dynamics, a leading software development studio have launched Stage Pro, a multi-user Virtual Reality (VR) learning environment that enables Further Education to deliver more interactive methods of teaching to engage students.

The technological developments of the last 15 years have made a huge difference in society, but also in transforming education and training. Technology is enabling teachers and students to work, study and gain information in innovative ways. VR aids learning, enabling teachers to create educational content that helps students understand more complex concepts, in a visual and engaging way.

Stage Pro enables users to explore asset libraries, add assets to environments and jump into a VR environment to collaborate and interact with their work. Immersive learning delivered by Stage Pro benefits teachers and students by allowing them to:

  • Practice safely first without risk
  • Practice in all weather conditions
  • Reduce the use and disposal of materials
  • Increase participation in limited spaces
  • Bridge the skills gap between education and employment

Oliver Nicoll, CEO of VISR Dynamics explained,

“Stage Pro fits well with delivery against skills gaps as it provides immersive environments for students to gain skills, practicing safely without risk, not to mention new ways to engage students that they couldn’t before.

For example, with something like pig farming – there’s associated biohazards that restrict Further Education from being able to effectively teach students. Stage Pro allows students to learn virtually, they don’t need to worry about those risks, the weather, the cost of materials or how they’ll dispose of materials responsibly.

They’re also able to increase participation from students with everyone able to have a go, even in limited spaces”.

VISR Dynamics will be showcasing Stage Pro at Tech Week Humber on the 9th of November at the Bonus Arena in Hull.

Antonio Tombanane, Founder of Tech Week Humber said

“we are delighted to have partnered with VISR Dynamics at Tech Week Humber. They’re at the forefront of cuttingedge virtual reality technology. The education landscape is changing and how we engage with learners is crucial now more than ever. The Stage Pro learning environment is a revolutionary way to educate students”.

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