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St Joseph’s Primary School chooses Kinteract to provide holistic view of learning journey

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Evidence-based edtech platform bridges the digital gap between nursery and primary school, improving pupil development

Herefordshire-based St Josephs’ Catholic primary school, has chosen Kinteract, an evidence-based learning platform, to provide a holistic view of its students learning journeys to  support and track childrens development as they transition from early years to key stage 2.

The primary school, which offers a broad curriculum to over 100 pupils as well as providing learning, development, and care to young children through its on-site nursery, needed an online platform that could document and analyse the progress of its children from nursery, through to year six. While the nursery already had a digital learning journal in place, the software was limited meaning that learning records could not seamlessly transition between each phase of education resulting in a partial view of a child’s progress.

Hayley Francis, headteacher at St Joseph’s said:

“We needed a platform that could be integrated in both the nursery and the school, giving teachers the ability to analyse and evidence the developments of pupils against the Catholic curriculum and alongside the English Primary curriculum”. 

Kinteract has provided the school and nursery with a more rounded view of each child’s learning progress as teachers can now upload observations or evidence onto the platform, linking posts to the curricula via intuitive tags generated by the system. At the click of a button, staff can view the overall development of an individual learner or the entire class, enabling them to be responsive in their planning for next steps.

With the ability to share a student’s up to date progress with parents rather than solely relying on end of term reports or consultations, there is more visibility between all parties involved in the education of the child. This is enhanced further due to the app’s translation feature which ensures communication between parents regardless of their language.

Jamie Southerington, director at Kinteract said:

“Kinteract is a learning record for life, when students come to the end of their time at primary school, they can take it with them to secondary school and will also have access to their development from nursery age. As they get older, they can add to their portfolio with multimedia content including photos, videos and file uploads giving them more opportunity to develop their talents and skills, enabling teachers, parents, and pupils to have full visibility over the learning journey”.

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