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Student Academic Experience Survey 2021: Students’ views on the future of online learning

The HEPI / Advance HE Student Academic Experience Survey provides the most comprehensive data on the academic experience of full-time undergraduates in UK institutions, providing each year new data on what students think on a whole range of issues surrounding their experience of higher education.

It has become a firm feature of the higher education policy landscape, featuring regularly in ministerial speeches because it reaches into places other surveys do not go. 

As the Survey was conducted between February and March 2021, this year’s results demonstrate the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on students’ higher education experience, including an assessment of a year being taught remotely and largely away from campus and how the challenges faced by the sector during the pandemic have impacted students.

As well as the standard questions on value-for-money, contact hours, who should pay for higher education and well-being, this year’s Survey has new questions on: 

  • Students’ views on the future of online learning
  • Whether students’ have considered withdrawing from university
  • Students’ expectations of their early career 

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