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Students Looking to Develop Cyber Security Skills Given Online Degree Opportunity through learndirect

The UK’s leading online education provider is helping shape the next cohort of cyber security professionals by launching the Cyber Security University Degree Pathway, an online programme that is an affordable and faster alternative route to achieving a degree.

Following the recent launch of their cyber security course programme, learndirect is opening the door to students who want to study for a degree.

In the first of its series of cyber security courses, learndirect’s Cyber Security University Degree Pathway is the stepping stone to a tech career that is in high demand.

According to a recent government survey, half of the UK businesses surveyed noted a deficiency in basic cyber security skills, while 33% identified a gap in advanced cyber security expertise. Plus, compared to 2022, there has been a 44% surge in demand for cyber roles, with 160,035 vacancies being posted.

In the world of higher education, popularity in studying a cyber security degree is rising, with the number of student enrolments increasing by 29% from the 2019/20 to 2020/21 academic year.

learndirect is widely regarded as the UK’s leading online learning provider, and the business recently progressed into higher education by partnering with Qualifi and ATHE to provide an array of University Degree Pathways in computing, accounting, management for health and social care, business and management, law, and psychology.

Now, learndirect is adding cyber security to its portfolio, giving people an opportunity to study Year 1 and Year 2 of the degree online before moving on to complete their third year at a partnered university.

Chris Neale, Group Chief Operating Officer at learndirect, said: 

“Our online alternative to traditional university is giving people at varying stages of their lives an opportunity to achieve a degree without having to disrupt their lifestyle. The subjects we provide have all been selected with a purpose, and adding cyber security to the programme enables us to bridge a skills gap in the UK and develop the next cohort of professionals in cyber, an industry that is growing at a rapid rate.

“As a business that provides a digital product in a society that is driven by digital means, it makes sense for learndirect to run a University Degree Pathway in cyber security. This launch signifies our ongoing dedication to providing education that meets skills demands across a range of sectors.”

As well as learndirect’s University Degree Pathways providing a level of flexible study that cannot be matched by traditional university learning, the online alternative is also much more affordable, costing a fraction of the average £9,250 per year that students pay in tuition fees traditionally.

With learndirect, the financial pressure on students is lifted, with the option to spread the cost of their course over 24 months or 36 months, depending on their circumstances and preferences.

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