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Summers over and the academic year has begun!

When Careermag for Parents launched back in April, we were unsure of what to expect. Reaching out to parents and guardians can be challenging as the audience is always changing. However, the feedback from the launch overwhelmingly showed the value of factual and independent information so we created Careermag for Parents 2. 

Parents can find it increasingly difficult to find and understand the information available for their young people. Much has changed since they left school or college and there is a mind boggling array of opportunities available. When asked by their teenagers ‘what should I do next?’, parents often feel they are unable to provide accurate advice. 

We created Careermag for Parents to help parents and their students to understand the various options available. Parents can sit down with their teenagers to explore the opportunities available alongside reading inspirational articles and looking in depth at the different industries available. This issue of Careermag for Parents features: 

  • Top Employers, Training Providers and Universities
  • Top Tips for Parents
  • University Challenge
  • Open Days
  • UCAS 2019 -2020 dates
  • Degree & Higher Apprenticeships
  • 20 things you need to know about Apprenticeships
  • Qualification Guide
  • Traineeships
  • 4 Industries Covered

Plus much more!

Careermag for Parents is packed full of information and advice. 

The Career Landscape is Changing

The career landscape is constantly evolving, especially the impact of technology advancement on careers of the future. There is so much going on in today’s job market. Previously, you were expected to stay in one career for the majority of your life. This has changed, it’s now the new norm to change career direction, often over five times in a lifetime. 

Technology is playing a vital role in transforming the world of work, careers which don’t even exist today will in the future. The changing world will be a reality for your students. Gen Z or post millennials, known as the digital natives, are those born between 1995 and 2015. Gen Z were the first generation to be exposed to the internet, social networks and the latest tech gadgets from birth and they’ll be growing up navigating their way through changing careers of the future.

This generational cohort has been immersed in the internet and social media from a young age and will be able to capitalise on this in the future when new careers are created. Artificial Intelligence could be one of the biggest impacts. Its abilities to transform the workplace and the lives of others is very realistic: from conversational AI, such as Alexa, to reinforcement learning inspired by humans as learning by ‘trial and error’. 

With the rapidly changing career landscape, it’s important for students and their parents to keep up to date on the latest labour market information and qualification routes to enable well-informed decisions. 

There are many different routes available to young people, from apprenticeships to A Levels, BTECs, Degrees and much more! It’s important to keep an open mind and to really explore all the options. It’s also important to not follow the crowd and to choose a career path just because that’s what your friends want to do. Remember, what it right for them doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to the right route for you! 

To find out more about a range of useful tips and advice check out our blog section. This provides young people, teachers and parents with advice from the Gatsby Benchmarks to what are the options if your child decides against going to uni and how you can be successful in an apprenticeship interview

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