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The 10 Most Valued Degrees Revealed – Employers Favour Artificial Intelligence in 2023

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been named the most valuable degree to possess in 2023. The business experts at Forbes Advisor, the price comparison and guidance platform, polled 500 businesses to unveil the degrees that employers value of the highest importance.

Overall, a quarter (25%) of businesses surveyed deemed Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the most valued degree in 2023. Throughout the study, AI skills stood out as the most requested abilities in the job market, with two in five (40%) claiming AI expertise to be the most in demand expertise in the workplace.

Deeper insights reveal that the need for experts within the field will increase future employment opportunities. The rise of AI and machine learning points to a growing demand for industry experts, with 96% of respondents claiming that AI will significantly affect the future job market. 

Alongside AI, technology and computing degrees secured their spot among the top five. Information Technology (IT) claims second place, with more than one in five employers (21%) naming it among the most valuable degrees in 2023. Computer science (18%) and Computer Engineering (17%) university qualifications were also much sought after.

Despite medicine and dentistry holding life-saving potential, degree value was placed further down the list in joint fifth spot (16%), alongside cyber security. Meanwhile, law and economics qualifications were the only other traditional degrees to secure a place among the top 10 degrees valued by businesses.

For students looking into clearing courses, there is still time to find a position within these valuable subjects. As of today (Wednesday 16 August) there are 160 clearing courses available that feature Artificial Intelligence education across the UK. This includes a range of courses that major in the subject for an undergraduate course, or include modules related to the field within the syllabus. Furthermore, Information Technology and Computing degrees can be found within 902 undergraduate courses and 901 in Computer Engineering. 

The 10 Most Valuable Degrees in 2023

DegreeBusinesses Valuing Highly
Artificial Intelligence (AI)25 %
Information Technology21 %
Computer Science18 %
Computer Engineering17 %
Cybersecurity16 %
Medicine and Dentistry16 %
Engineering15 %
Software Engineering13 %
Law11 %
Economics10 %
Finance9 %
Cloud Computing9 %

Source: Forbes Advisor

Kevin Pratt, Business Expert at Forbes Advisor says

“The continued dominance of technology-related degrees, particularly those with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), in the list of most valued degrees by employers underscores the profound way that AI is set to change the workplace. As the demand for this specific expertise continues to rise, securing a degree in this field not only positions individuals for success but also reflects the pivotal role technology plays in shaping the job market. 

“Technology degrees have been highly sought-after for a couple of decades now, and this trend does not seem likely to change any time soon. In fact if anything, it is getting stronger. Obtaining a highly sought-after qualification not only equips graduates with relevant skills but also positions them at the forefront of innovation and the evolving landscape of employment opportunities.”


Forbes Advisor’s IT Skills Gap Study, surveyed employees from 500 businesses, between 7-14 August 2023 to determine the degrees businesses deem the most valuable.

Respondents: 500 Worker 2+ employees – 50:50 middle manager and below: Senior manager

Survey based on question: Which degrees do you think are the most valuable to possess in 2023?  Please select a maximum of 3 answer options.

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