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‘The Child’s Developing Mind’ Qualification Launched by Eden Training Solutions

‘The Child’s Developing Mind’ Qualification Introduced by Eden Training Solutions 

Specialist Early Years training provider, Eden Training Solutions, has joined forces with accomplished clinical hypnotherapist, Alan Kennedy, to teach Early Years practitioners about the functions of the child’s subconscious mind, and how they can influence behaviours. 

The Childs’ Developing Mind course gives a fascinating insight into brain development in young people, along with the role of positive programming. The young subconscious mind cannot analyse or criticise, or establish the difference between pretend and real, therefore positive programming can play a huge part in the child’s development, enhancing their learning experience and self-esteem, whilst significantly impacting their safety. 

The Child’s Developing Mind CPD course is essential learning for those who have responsibility for children up to eight years old, and is available as a level one course for practitioners, and level two for team leaders. 

Modules of learning cover the main functions of the conscious and subconscious minds, how positive and negative programming can affect children later in life, the limitations, both physically and psychologically, of young children, and how these limitations can compromise their safety. The qualification also covers the importance of a multi-sensory approach to learning and the processes of memory. 

Alan Kennedy, former executive at Road Safety GB and successful clinical hypnotherapist, qualified by the General Hypnotherapy Register and recognised by the NHS, developed the course in conjunction with Eden Training Solutions to equip childcare providers with the skills and insights to enhance the awareness of risk and danger amongst children in their care. 

Alan comments: This qualification is a chance to place vital, but often underused, knowledge of how a young person’s brain develops into the hands of childcare providers, who can use it to positively shape fresh, young minds which are more susceptible to positive programming. 

“By understanding the psychological and physiological limitations of young children, child carers can develop effective techniques to support a child’s basic understanding of safe practices in all environments, such as in a road-traffic situation, and use their new found techniques to reduce the risk of unintended consequences.”

Alan is a strong advocate of developing a learning partnership with parents, which is why the qualification also covers the importance of engaging with parents and carers to help them understand the concept of positive programming, and how working together can support a child’s learning, development, and safety.

Jon O’Boyle, Director of Operations at Eden Training Solutions, concludes: “We are delighted to have Alan on board and feel this remarkable topic is a critical area of learning for the Early Years sector. Alan has created a simple yet powerful course that has the potential to transform the face of child care.”

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