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The Future of Education in Light of COVID-19 reconsidered by Sir Anthony Seldon

As the future of education has become an even more salient issue during the Covid-19 pandemic, University of Buckingham Press (UBP) is publishing The Fourth Education Revolution Reconsidered by Sir Anthony Seldon, one of the UK’s leading historians, educationalists and political writers. 

Sir Anthony Seldon originally wrote The Fourth Education Revolution to critical acclaim in 2018, which focussed on the impact of AI on education and how a transition from the current “factory model” of education to a technology-enhanced, personalised “Education 4.0” could permanently change the role of teachers and democratise the learning process. 

The new book goes further to examine the impact of the global pandemic on education. As these extraordinary circumstances have given a new sense of urgency to the need for technological advances in the education sector, the release is being bought forward to 5th October 2020. It also assesses the latest advances in edtech and the current debate among thought leaders in the field.

Tom Chalmers, Managing Director, Legend Times, commented:

“Having been greatly impressed with the original Fourth Education book and its comprehensive and original vision for the future of education, we are absolutely delighted to publish The Fourth Education Revolution Reconsidered.

“Sir Anthony is one of the country’s leading education thinkers with a long track record of impact in the sector and in the book he provides a unique vision of future learning for tomorrow’s students.”

Sir Anthony Seldon commented:

“Covid has considerably accelerated the march towards using AI and 4.0 technologies across education.

“Two years ago, it seemed a vague irrelevance. Now it is an utter necessity for everyone involved in education to understand and consider how to introduce.”

The Fourth Education Revolution Reconsidered by Sir Anthony Seldon (print ISBN: 9781800318243, paperback, RRP £14.99) launches on 5th October.


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