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The Industry and Parliament Trust invite Mates in Mind to drive talks around tackling mental ill-health within construction

In January Mates in Mind joined the Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) in a roundtable discussion exploring the prevalence and impacts of mental ill-health in the construction industry.

During the roundtable, which was chaired by Liz Twist MP, who has served as the Member of Parliament for Blaydon since 2017, James Rudoni, Managing Director of Mates in Mind, invited attendees of the event to join the charity in a further discussion around the topic. The roundtable also featured guest speaker Greg Craig, President & CEO of Skanska UK.

James Rudoni, Managing Director at Mates in Mind said:

“The Industry and Parliamentary Trust’s roundtable was an excellent opportunity for us not only to raise awareness about the prominent challenge we are addressing, exploring both the business cost of if mental ill-health but also the undeniable human cost that it is having too.

“As we enter the new year, Mates in Mind remain committed to our  goal of reaching 75% of the construction industry by 2025. Our work alongside key industry partners since 2017 has shown that when we work together, we have been able to start a conversation and take action to support even the hardest to reach groups in our workforces.

“We were pleased to have been able to start the conversation about our charity’s mission with those at the roundtable and see huge value in continuing to develop discussions with those who participated further. We would like to invite all those attended the IPT roundtable to join Mates in Mind at a further discussion to be hosted in the coming months.

“In hosting this next discussion, we intend to bring together a bring a group of like-minded individuals, to share insight and current best practice in order to further develop this conversation around how we can tackle mental ill-health in the workplace.

“We also look forward to taking this opportunity to broaden the community of support that is driving meaningful and long-lasting change across a range of industries.”

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