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The University of Essex Adds Integrated Corporate Performance Management for Financial and Student Planning Insight

Unit4, a world leader in enterprise systems for services organisations, announced today that The University of Essex has extended its investment in Unit4 with its Prevero Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform.

The University will use Unit4 Prevero on top of its Business World ERP and student systems, to provide enhanced and reliable financial information and analyses to answer questions about current and future institutional financial and student related performance.

Unit4 Prevero will offer more data granularity, enhanced predictive analysis and an increased capability to scope scenarios. Consequently, this will deliver improved visibility into business dynamics that can affect financial planning and results and allow the University to become more responsive to change.

‘‘We operate in an environment that is changing more quickly than ever before,” said Marc Albano at the University of Essex.

“We have a strong relationship with Unit4, and as a market leader, we knew Unit4 Prevero would support long term financial planning and provide us with the capability to undertake scenario forecasts for a range of outcomes that will help the University answer key questions about current and future institutional financial performance. It will ensure transparency of the assumptions and drivers we use to budget and forecast. This means we have accurate data at our finger tips, can spot underlying trends or patterns quickly and identify how, why, where and when risks or growth opportunities are emerging. In doing so we ensure we are offering students continued value for money and the best possible experience during their time at our University.’’

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