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Tips for Creating a Personalised Marketing Campaign


Personalisation in marketing can be a valuable asset to use when trying to engage your audience. 54 per cent of people said they engaged more with personalised direct mail. Making something that stands out to the customers you are targeting will make your business’ marketing campaign work.

In this article, we will discuss tips for how you can create a more personalised marketing campaign that will really engage your audience.

Client segmentation

Segmenting your client lists can create a targeted audience. Having multiple categories divided by age or region means you can hit people directly with content tailored for them. You could separate them by loyal customers and new customers, making both sections feel personalised. This also helps you target loyal customers with discounts, rather than them just being for new customers.

Segmenting by age can also be important to make your marketing more personalised. Marketing aimed for an 18-year-old will look very different to marketing aimed at an 80-year-old. So being able to split them and target age groups specifically is important. Younger generations will find most of their marketing being targeted to them online, whereas older people’s marketing will still be coming by direct mail. They will want it to be more formal and packed with information, where young people will want something more bold and eye-catching.

Brand voice

Having a brand voice is important, but have you thought about your brand advocacy? Having a brand that has enough confidence to have brand advocacy shows a lot a trust in the business you are running. It is a positive for customers too, as they want authentic personal communications with a brand that is transparent. This can be done via using an influencer in your campaign to give their honest opinion on your product or service. This is highly effective among new customers who may have not heard of you but like and trust what that influencer says.

As well as using your brand voice, having your business at the heart of your campaigns show how much you care about it. Telling the story of the business, its origins, what it wants to accomplish will tie the brand and meaning of the business together. Your customers will get a better understanding of you as a whole.

Create your customer

If you know who your customers are but are struggling to work out which audience to target, try creating customer personas. These involve drawing up what your perfect customer would be then working out their personal information like family life, job, and hobbies. With this fictitious person built, you can go back to when you feel like the campaign has lost its way and see why it might not appeal to this person. Having this person can create an even more tailored campaign for your customer.


Everybody loves a discount, but not everyone will take advantage of them. Giving loyal or new customers an incentive to spend is also a great way of measuring how well your marketing campaign has gone. Using the knowledge of past customer purchases or customers the AI has targeted will allow you to target customers with customised discounts based on what they have bought before or products they have been looking at.

Another good way of doing this is sending out a discount when there is a new product launch is coming up, advertising your new product but also giving your customers an incentive to buy. This will really impact the customer at the awareness stage.

Be as personal as you want

You have already seen that customers react well to personalised mail, but don’t just stop with having their name at the top of a letter or email. Mention their name throughout and it will make them feel like you have actually taken time to target them as a customer, rather than just a lot of people getting the same marketing with just the name changed at the top. If you are using a direct mail  service and sending your customers out a physical piece of marketing, you could make it look as much like personal mail as possible. For example, use a font that looks like handwriting or make the front of the envelope looks like it has a proper stamp on it, making it stand out in the mail pile.

Overall, making a personalised marketing campaign will make your campaign able to have a higher level of success.

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