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Loads of benefits to learning with lorries

Twenty year old Corey Unwin from Mansfield isn’t afraid of a bit of heavy lifting. 

The Heavy Vehicle apprentice is in the last few months of his three year apprenticeship which will see him gain his Level 3 qualifications as a Heavy Vehicle technician. Corey is looking ahead to a career working in the motor industry.

Corey, who works for heavy vehicle specialist, Mechanician, based in Blidworth, Nottinghamshire, began his apprenticeship through a local college. He’s now completing his training with national training provider, Remit Training, at its new state-of-the-art Automotive Academy in Derby.

“Training here with Remit is so much better than college,” said Corey. “At college we’d do ‘day release’ every week, and by the time I’d met up with the others on the course and got started on the work, we’d be getting to the end of the day and we’d never really get anything done.”

At Remit’s Automotive Academy, apprentices are training on a ‘block release’ basis, which means they stay over in Derby for a week several times a year. This not only enables the groups to focus on their training in a more targeted environment, it is often the first opportunity they have to be away from home, and to take responsibility for themselves. 

Corey added: “This is a much better way to learn, we’re all a lot more focused and we can get through so much in a week, then take that back to work and use it.”

Remit puts its apprentices up in a quality hotel locally, and ensures they are transported to and from the Academy during the week as well as providing any social support to the individuals. When not in the workshop each apprentice is expected to wear smart clothes around the Academy, creating a more professional environment for all learners, visitors and staff.

“I think it makes a difference that we need to be smart, I think we all have a lot of respect for the place and the people who are teaching us. And the facilities are second to none. The difference between what I had at college, and what is here, particularly for heavy vehicle training, is massive.

“Anyone looking to train in the motor industry, or anyone looking for somewhere to send their apprentices, should absolutely send them here. It’s amazing. I’ve made some good friends too, we enjoy ourselves while we’re here, but more than anything we learn loads.”

Remit’s Heavy Vehicle workshop includes two tractor units a Scania R440 and a DAF CF85, along with a DAF 75 7.5 ton rigid. The bespoke workshop also includes heavy vehicle training props such as axles, diffs, and engines to aid with learners’ practical training time. Coupled with a superb classroom environment and well designed breakout rooms, the facilities provide for a great learning experience.

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