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Top 10 tips to encourage #FE staff to get on board with #EdTech

Speakers at the AoC/Jisc Technology Summit last week (17 Jun) were asked to give their advice on how to encourage staff at all levels to be enthusiastic about using technology.

Here’s what they said…

Robin Ghurbhurun, CEO at Richmond-upon-Thames College and Jisc trustee, said:

1. Get the board on board

“We have held several immersive board meetings at inspiring tech companies’ offices and invite speakers from those organisations to share their experiences.”

2. Host teaching and learning events and conferences that include EdTech best practice

“It’s a great way to see the latest EdTech practitioners sharing good practice and experience with peers.”

Michelle Swithenbank, Principal at Hull College, said

3. Lead from the front and ensure that you get involved!

“I tweet regularly and produce vlogs for our website. I am constantly reviewing my online activity and asking for feedback to see if I can make improvements and to ensure I’m meeting objectives. It’s important that both the staff and students can see it’s OK to take risks and to sometimes fail. That’s how we learn.” 

4. Create a digital-first culture

“Aim to embed tech across all areas and functions. “

Steven Hope, head of independent learning at Leeds City College, said:

5. Create tech ambassadors

“Students and staff with good digital skills can show naysayers the benefits of a digital-first approach.” 

6. Everyone loves free stuff! 

“I always provide refreshments at the on-campus digital skills training sessions and we run a competition for the best users of technology in the college, with the winners enjoying a trip to Google offices.”

Paul McKean, head of FE and skills, Jisc, said:

7. Let Jisc help

“Jisc can support colleges in their digital journey. A good place for colleges to start is to work through a list of priorities we think college leaders – and governors – should address if they are to make the best use of technology.”

8. Embrace the fourth industrial revolution

“We’re working with colleges to explore how artificial intelligence, robotics, mixed reality and the internet of things can help save time and money and enhance the student experience. We call this Education 4.0. “

Steve Frampton, Assocation of Colleges president, said:

9. Be bold, don’t just change the lightbulbs!

“Create a three- to five-year plan focused on improving teaching and learning as part of whole college technology implementation strategy.”

10. Listen to, involve and engage students at every stage

“Planning, implementing, design, training, and evaluation.”

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