The aims and members of the independent review of the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF), and its advisory group.


Dame Shirley Pearce DBE: biography

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Advisory group members: biographies

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Dame Shirley Pearce has been appointed to conduct an independent review of the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF). Shirley has established an advisory group, comprising relevant experts, to support her in the review.

Shirley’s review will draw on a comprehensive evidence base in order to ensure the findings of her review are robust. There are various work streams and commissions which will support the review:

  • call for views – this will run until 1 March to capture views and perceptions
  • listening sessions – a programme of sessions that coincide with the call for views period to hear a wide range of views in person
  • statistical information – an independent expert view of the statistical information used in TEF, informed by a Statistics Steering Group, which will consider and report on the following areas of the review’s terms of reference:
    • the process by which ratings are determined under the scheme and the sources of statistical information used in that process
    • whether that process, and those sources of statistical information, are fit for use for the purpose of determining ratings under the scheme
    • applicants and student choice – a review of existing research and engagement with applicants and careers advisors about how TEF impacts on student choices about higher education
    • international impact – engagement with the British Council and consultation with international experts
    • public interest and impacts – a review of existing research and analysis to update cost estimates
    • employers – targeted engagement with employers, drawing on relevant members of the review’s advisory group to set up events and gather views

To undertake this work, Shirley is receiving administrative support from the Department for Education, including the secondment of Sam Meakin as senior advisor to the review.

Shirley expects to report to the Secretary of State in summer 2019. Her recommendations will be considered before the implementation of subject-level TEF.

Published 18 January 2019