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Professor of Singing, Ross Campbell’s book is a game changer for singers and teachers

Unique ‘SINGING’ hardback – Where Science meets Common sense.

Internationally renowned vocal specialist and long-term Professor of Singing at London’s Royal Academy of Music, Ross Campbell, has connected the dots across all genres and styles of music, to produce a singing world-first: a groundbreaking, new, holistic approach to vocal-training, uniting multiple singing techniques with the latest in sound anatomy and physiology.

Singing – An Extensive Handbook For All Singers And Their Teachers for the first time scientifically demystifies vocal health and training, combining instruction and research to improve all types of singing. Presented in a highly accessible format, this expertly written vocal study guide, empowers and challenges singers of all disciplines, from the trained and semi-trained professional, to the ardent ‘soprano-in-the-shower’.

As the title of the glossy 226-page singers’ bible suggests, the book has been researched and written to champion singers and their teachers alike, combining multiple singing techniques with science and instruction, something never before done in visual-led, written vocal training.

Following extensive research and his own 35-year old expertise, the book has been compiled by singing maestro Ross Campbell, whose been a Professor of Singing at the Royal Academy of Music since 1999, and alongside this, he was Head of Singing and Music at the Guildford School of Acting for many years, whose alumni include, Michael Ball, Bill Nighy and Ruth Henshall.

Campbell taught “Strictly Come Dancing,” winner Tom Chambers, as well as other West End Stars throughout his teaching career, and now brings his expertise to all with this newly released hardback. He won the prestigious MIA Award for “Best Classical Publication 2009,” for his work on the ABRSM Songbooks, and the release of this glossy, detailed training book represents his first original work.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no one method which fits all.”

Ross Campbell.

With yet another TV program debuting recently involving members of the public “singing” and being judged by celebs; the voice and singing, has clearly captivated the nation’s attention – but nowadays are good singing techniques really being taught? In this new singers’ guide, Campbell has addressed ALL possible technical, social and emotional problems which can affect the voice.

This highly skilled Professor of Singing at the Royal Academy of Music, argues today’s high-profile singers cancelling sell-out stadium shows due to vocal exhaustion, (e.g. Adele in 2017 and her closing London night), is due to previous teaching and guidance that either has been misguided or incomplete.

“Singing – An Extensive Handbook For All Singers And Their Teachers,” addresses this and numerous facets of vocal health and training, combining essential scientific research with numerous singing methods and influences to form a complete holistic approach.

Though there are some books in the singing field, these focus on just one single method of teaching. No-one else has united and examined multiple methods of best practice singing techniques until now.

Combating this ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and drawing on his 35 years’ experience of performance, research and scientific knowledge, Campbell takes a holistic approach to the voice and training saying, “Contrary to popular belief there is no one method which fits all.”

Campbell is greatly excited at enabling singers of all disciplines to master their craft, while simultaneously supporting vocal teachers with the latest know-how to help them achieve this.

He said as he signed a select number of copies, “This glossy study-guide for singers of all types is a gamechanger for those interested in the singing voice, it’ll nurture the fledgling vocalist, adding to the repertoire of the pro.”

“Never before has science and instruction been combined to empower a new generation of singers,” he continued.”

“Perhaps singers cancelling shows due to vocal damage will soon be a thing of the past? Now that would be a song worth singing!”

Significant time has been spent on the practical design of the book to help students of all disciplines. It comes in both hardback, and eBook versions, both of which have been professionally designed to maximize the advantages of each type. The book includes strikingly colourful diagrams, musical exercises and is written in simple language accessible to all, organized into ten colour coded sections.

Thought has even been given to its size and type. It’s currently printed to order as a 10” x 7” hardback, sized thus so it can stand easily on singing teachers pianos, or music stands.

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