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Universities UK welcomes independent report on lifelong learning

Responding to the publication today of the Independent Commission on Lifelong Learning report which calls for the creation of ‘Personal Education and Skills Accounts’ and government grants to support education and training throughout life, a Universities UK spokesperson said:

“We welcome this independent report which highlights the economic, social and health benefits of continuing in education. It makes an important contribution to the debate on how we can continue to develop the highly skilled workforce our country needs. Anyone with the potential to benefit from doing so should have the opportunity to continue their education, regardless of background, circumstance or age.

“Our recent work with the CBI looking at the economic case for flexible learning, highlighted that there are significant lost opportunities for those who are unable to study alongside other life commitments. Universities are working to support lifelong learning through masters degrees and modules, degree apprenticeships and continuing professional development, but it is clear more needs to be done to meet the needs of a diverse range of students and employers. With job vacancies forecast to increase and job roles to change more rapidly, the nation’s prosperity relies on more lifelong learning. Learning should not stop when you reach your 20s.

“The current post-18 education review has the opportunity to consider this issue and make recommendations that support access for people of all ages to continue their journeys in education.”

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