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University provides free A-Level resources and video lectures to schools


A-Level students across the UK are set to benefit from the latest round of the University of Kent’s (@UniKent) ‘Kent English Experience Programme’ (KEEP).

KEEP is a set of three academic resources, freely available to teachers and A-Level students of the University’s partner schools and tailored for online learning by its School of English. They include the Kent English A-Level Podcast, a series of video lectures freely available on YouTube and aimed at students and teachers. Several lectures are posted monthly, covering popular A-Level texts and discussing key A-Level skills such as comparing texts or applying critical frameworks.

Signing up as a KEEP school grants free access to two additional resources and begins a dialogue between KEEP and the schools, helping to establish greater focus on areas of A-Level curriculum requiring attention this year.

For every podcast lecture, KEEP’s skilled outreach workers prepare a structured lesson for teachers to apply in school or for home learning. This library of A-Level lessons will continue to grow with the programme.

KEEP also intends to establish live online workshops with lecturers for a richer experience of University-level teaching, consisting of live Q&A sessions with expert lectures and one research skills or close reading session. These will take place over a single afternoon or over several sessions, and is tailored to partner-schools’ needs.

Dr Michael Falk, Lecturer in Eighteenth-Century Studies and the organiser of KEEP said:

‘We are delighted to be able to help students and teachers in this way. The pandemic has caused considerable disruption for schools, and we aim to support students with their English A-level education.’

To enquire further about signing as a KEEP School, please contact Dr Michael Falk.

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