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Unlocking Growth: What Can Your Business Gain Through Hiring Digital Apprentices?

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In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, it’s no secret that businesses must continually adapt and innovate to stay competitive. From TikTok and Threads to AI and automation, navigating the digital landscape is more challenging, yet more rewarding, than ever before.

One effective way to ensure that you’re keeping up is by hiring digital apprentices. Digital apprenticeships, particularly in areas like digital marketing and IT, can provide a fresh perspective and a valuable skill set that helps businesses thrive and grow.

Whether you choose to upskill your current team or hire a new apprentice, digital apprentices will likely already have a strong understanding of the latest trends and technologies, meaning your business can stay up-to-date with industry changes. This knowledge can be applied to enhance marketing strategies, streamline IT processes, and make more informed business decisions.

According to data from GOV.UK, 86% of employers say that apprenticeship programmes enabled them to develop skills relevant to their organisation, and that’s exactly what we aim to do. Using our blended approach of learning on-the-job as well as with formal academy training, we work with you to tailor a programme that is going to develop skills specific to your business needs. In terms of digital marketing, businesses gain employees who are well-versed in SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and online advertising, whereas IT apprentices can specialise in areas such as network management, cybersecurity, software development, and IT support.

In terms of soft skills – digital apprentices possess a strong ability to adapt to new technologies and solve complex problems. Their fresh perspectives and willingness to learn can infuse innovation into your business.

Diversity is an asset for any business, and digital apprenticeships can bring a variety of perspectives and backgrounds to your team, enhancing creativity and innovation. Different ways of thinking can lead to more well-rounded strategies and a better understanding of diverse customer bases.

Through our digital apprenticeships, many Cheshire and North-West-based businesses have created a talent pipeline for the future. But it’s not just about the future; in-situ managers and colleagues have benefitted through mentoring and growing people in their teams. The impact of digital apprenticeships is tangible; from quadrupling social media impressions to leading projects, many of our past stars have progressed into senior management positions, and even trained the next generation of digital apprentices within the business!

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