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Unlocking Opportunities: Celebrating Adult Learner’s Week 2023

Every year, thousands of learners and training providers join the celebration of Adult Learners’ Week, Wales’ biggest festival of adult learning. The campaign aims to promote Welsh Government’s vision to establish Wales as a “Second Chance Nation” for lifelong learning.

Educ8 Training Group, an award-winning further education provider, invited three learners to share their success stories as adult learners during Adult Learners’ Week which is taking place between 18 – 24 September in 2023.

Apprenticeship helped me make a bold career move

Sophie Evans, a Level 3 Hairdressing apprentice, tells us why she decided to take a leap of faith and dive into a career she truly loves.

“It was very weird going from being a manager in my previous role, to starting again as an apprentice. I didn’t mind it because I felt excited to do something that I was passionate about. I was interested in hair; I wasn’t interested in anything else.

“Doing an apprenticeship later on in life can be scary. You’ve got rent and bills to think about. But with the support I’ve had from my manager, my partner, and Liz my trainer coach, I know I made the right decision.” says Sophie.

ILM apprenticeship provided a boost in my career progression

Nathan Doe, a Senior Timetable Production Manager for Transport for Wales, shares how the ILM apprenticeship helped him build a career without a university degree.

“I came straight out of school and into a job. A lot of people went to university to get a degree, so not having one myself was a worry. The ILM Level 5 is equivalent to a foundation degree, which would be two years at university, and I’ve done it without spending a penny – earning more than I would’ve paid for.
“The course is orientated around your job. Each person who does an apprenticeship will get something different out of it. The beauty of it is funding. I was able to buy my first house at the age of 20. I made a career for myself.”

Learning new skills gave me the confidence to go back to work

Level 2 Beauty Therapy apprentice, Alice Evans, shares how her learning enabled her to return to the job market after becoming a new mother.

“My new employer was really encouraging. She gave me the boost I needed to study Level 2 Beauty Therapy and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. My job is part-time and my employer is flexible; working around me and looking after my 16-month-old baby girl, Amelia. The course is not intense, and you know what to do – it’s really well organised. You have an online module on Moodle and everything else takes place in the salon. All practical tasks are completed during working hours.

Adult Learner’s Week highlights the remarkable journeys of our adult learners and the life-changing opportunities education can provide. Educ8 Training Group is committed to supporting these learners in their pursuit of new careers and enhanced skills. This week reaffirms that age is no barrier to achieving professional and personal goals.

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