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Voices of the Into Work Convention

We have put together a dedicated page for 12 videos / voices from the Into Work Convention. They cover everything from closing the disability gap to devolution.

David Hughes, chief executive of NIACE, discusses the three big messages from the Into Work Convention: Integration, Devolution and Personalisation.

Vicky McDermott, chief executive of the Papworth Trust, discusses supporting people with disabilities back into work. She challenges the sector to change its mindset and talk about successes with disabled people into work, rather than just highlighting the hardest to help.

Entrepreneur Sean Williams discusses how to improve service and save money in the long term.
He suggests the sector should be buying services based on who delivers the best programmes, rather than the cheapest programmes to save money in the short term.

David Orr, chief executive of National Housing Federation, discusses how over 600 Housing Associations provide training and access to work programmes.
He warns that recent Budget announcements will restrict the amount of money that Housing Associations can spare for these types of programmes.

Stephen Timms, Acting Shadow Secretary of State for Works and Pensions, discusses how the UK is facing increasing competition from around the world, and the need to organise to compete effectively in the future.
He picks out two groups that he believes have been badly let down over the past five years: young people who are facing a rate of unemployment that is four times higher than that of older people, and people with health impairments

Alan Cave, chief executive of APM Group, discusses the context of the conference and how the timing is ideal to help new Ministers shape their views.
He is encouraged by plans for additional support for those who are the most distant from employment, particularly measures to halve the disability gap and integrate more services.

Jeremy Moore, Director General, Strategy, Policy and Analysis Group DWP, discusses its five point plan for the next five years.
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Gregor Henderson, Well Being and Mental Health Lead, Public Health England, discusses mental health and unemployment.
He stresses the importance of a holistic approach to support those with mental health issues back into work and providing individualised programmes to improve outcomes.

Colin Robertson, Employability Policy Lead, Fair Work Directorate, Scottish Government, discusses the Scottish perspective on employability, with the key issue of devolution.
Integration sits at the heart of the new Scottish approach to developing employability programmes.

Joanne Roney, chief executive of Wakefield Council and Skills Lead at Leeds City Region LEP, discusses the need to reduce complexity to ensure no one is left behind.
She explains how devolution offers a unique opportunity to re-think the existing regime to provide a localised and personalised system to improve results.

Labour market expert Bill Wells discusses the importance of delivering consistent and timely programmes.
He believes this is particularly important for young people and helping those with health issues.

Dan Jones, Innovation Lab director at the Nesta charity, discusses the encouraging movement towards closing the disability gap.
However, he highlights the key innovation challenge to tackle this issue, particularly as there is no investment.

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