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Wild Code School new coding ‘bootcamp’ supports remote working   

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A technology ‘bootcamp’ is supporting those wishing to re-train and move into the coding industry with a new part-time course that is delivered fully remotely, using already-proven techniques, methodology and technology to provide the knowledge required for a career in coding as well as skills that support efficient, practical and effective remote working.  

Wild Code School, the technology educator nurturing today’s digital talent, is delivering the five-month part-time course, starting on April 20th. It will provide a dynamic and highly-creative remote working environment, using tools such as video conferencing seminars, online panel discussions with industry experts, and real-life projects provided by businesses. Career coaching is also included in the course, and all students create a portfolio on Github for potential employers to view.   

While qualifications and prior experience are not required, potential students will need to complete an application process that tests a student’s desire to succeed, creativity in problem-solving and the ability to work as a team. Some 90% of the more-than 2,000 ‘Wilders’ – as they describe themselves – who have completed the course are now working in tech, with some employed before even completing their course.  

Katie Olsen, EU Director at Wild Code School, says its already-proven remote learning environment will support students wanting to re-train as well as those already in the tech industry wanting to further their skills:  

“Students from our courses have always come from a wide range of industries and backgrounds, from people within the financial industry looking for a better work-life balance, to mothers returning to work and looking for a more flexible working environment that embraces working from home.  

“With our society’s growing reliance on technology, the skills learned will always be in demand – and now more than ever the remote learning skills that are easily transferred into the remote working environment will be extremely useful,” she says.  

“We look forward to welcoming new students across our European campuses and supporting them into this industry.”  

Courses will run for three hours in the evening, two days a week, as well as a full day every other Saturday. 

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