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World’s most successful dyslexics unite for new podcast series ‘lessons in dyslexic thinking’

World’s most successful dyslexics unite for new podcast series ‘lessons in dyslexic thinking’ showcasing the vital role dyslexic thinking plays today, and in future

  • World famous entrepreneurs including Sir Richard Branson, and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran, explain how their Dyslexic Thinking helped them build their business empires. 
  • World renowned sports stars, celebrity chefs, extraordinary explorers & inspirational leaders explain how their Dyslexic Thinking has been vital to their success.
  • The podcast launches to coincide with UK’s exam results aiming to help inspire young dyslexics who often struggle with exams. (UK)
  • 94% parents & students say standardised tests and exams disadvantage or discriminate against Dyslexic Thinkers 
  • Research finds only 6% of parents & students say schools understand the value of Dyslexic Thinking

Made By Dyslexia, the global charity championing Dyslexic Thinking, proudly presents “Lessons in Dyslexic Thinking,” an inspiring new podcast series that brings together the world’s most inspiring dyslexics to showcase the critical role Dyslexic Thinking plays in shaping our world today, and in the future.

The first guest on the podcast is visionary entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, who discusses his awe-inspiring journey, and how Dyslexic Thinking is the driving force behind his entrepreneurial success with podcast host, Kate Griggs, the founder of the Dyslexic Thinking movement and global charity, Made By Dyslexia. Listeners can expect to hear first-hand accounts of the challenges he faced and how he transformed them into opportunities using his dyslexic superpowers.

“Don’t worry too much about the exam results. Concentrate on the things you’re good at and the rest will flow.” Sir Richard Branson, Lessons In Dyslexic Thinking Podcast

Dyslexic Thinking skills are the soft skills that research says are a vital co-pilot in today’s AI-enhanced world. The podcast highlights the importance of understanding Dyslexic Thinking, and how harnessing it leads to greater innovation, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

The World Economic Forum’s recent Future of Jobs reports highlights that the 5 skills needed for the tech lead future, are directly aligned with Dyslexic Thinking skills, yet only 6% parents & students say schools understand the value of Dyslexic Thinking and 94% say exams disadvantage or discriminate against Dyslexic Thinkers 

The first season of the podcast launches on 22nd August and runs for 10 weeks. It will feature a line up of accomplished and influential dyslexic guests, and allies including:

·Dr. Bob Ballard – Renowned oceanographer and explorer, reveals how Dyslexic Thinking resulted in his discovery of the Titanic in just 10 days, when others had searched for years.

·Sir Jeremy Fleming – Former Director of GCHQ, explains the vital role of Dyslexic Thinking in intelligence and cybersecurity and why GCHQ actively recruits for Dyslexic Thinking on their apprenticeship scheme. 

·Eric Adams – Mayor of NYC who credits Dyslexic Thinking with his success and how his Dyslexic Thinking helps him to see things differently, and this is why he’s driven to empower Dyslexic Thinking in every school to close the school to prison pipeline

·Barbara Corcoran – Celebrated entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” star, used her Dyslexic Thinking to turn a $1000 loan into a $66 million Real Estate Business and how she combats her negative thoughts. 

Other inspiring guests in season one includes Space Scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock, US TV Chef Marc Murphy, Celebrity Make-Up Artist Quinn Murphy, NFL line-backer Rashan Gary, and young US racing champion Elliot Cox.

Each episode of “Lessons in Dyslexic Thinking” promises invaluable insights into the power of Dyslexic Thinking. From heart-warming personal anecdotes to awe-inspiring professional triumphs, the podcast’s guests will leave an indelible mark on listeners. 

Kate Griggs, founder of the Dyslexic Thinking movement and global charity, Made By Dyslexia.comments:

Lessons in Dyslexic Thinking’ aims to educate everyone, young and old, on the brilliance of Dyslexia Thinking. Dyslexics think differently, creatively, laterally, and that thinking is vital for the future. What better way to understand it than with inspiring, personal stories from brilliant Dyslexic Thinkers from all walks of life.”

The podcast title, ‘Lessons In Dyslexic Thinking,’ aligns with Made By Dyslexia’s theme for Dyslexia Awareness Month in October. During this month, the charity will launch new research, and free resources, and training to support workplaces, schools, and parents.

Made By Dyslexia’s mission is to train every school and every workplace to empower dyslexic thinking with free education and workplace training. More details on the free training courses can be found at

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