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Yorkshire Provider and Retail Giant Frasers Group Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance Apprenticeship Training

Springfield Training, a leading provider of vocational education and training, proudly announces a transformative education partnership with Frasers Group, a renowned group of retail businesses employing over 30,000+ staff. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in utilising apprenticeship training to elevate the skills development of employees of Frasers Group, and demonstrating the impact apprentices can have on your workforce. This partnership will create a truly transformative learning experience that will equip apprentices with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the fast-paced environment whilst supporting the groups vision to build the planet’s most admired and compelling brand ecosystem.

With this partnership, Springfield Training will assume the role of delivering comprehensive apprenticeship training programmes in engineering, leveraging its expertise in vocational education and dedication to fostering talent. Frasers Group’s esteemed reputation and industry insights will enrich these programmes, ensuring alignment with evolving industry demands and technological advancements. Under this partnership, Springfield Training leverage its decades of experience and commitment to excellence in vocational education.

Dan Howard, Deputy CEO at Springfield Training said:

“We are thrilled to join forces with Frasers Group in our mission to cultivate the next generation of talent our core purpose is to change the world through the transformative power of education and this partnership underscores our shared commitment to excellence and innovation, as we strive to equip apprentices with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive and have truly fulfilling careers”.

Frasers Group, known for its diverse portfolio of retail businesses provides consumers with access to the world’s best Sports, Premium and Luxury brands, and brings a wealth of experience and resources to the table that will support a truly collaborative learning experience. Through this collaboration, both organisations aim to address the growing demand for skilled engineering and technical professionals while contributing to the advancement of industry standards.

Rachael Gallen, Head of Early Careers and Professional Development at Frasers Group said:

“We are proud to announce our successful launch of our engineering apprenticeship programme in partnership with Springfield training this month This initiative not only provides valuable hands-on training and hands-on experience for our aspiring engineers, but also addresses the growing demand for skilled professionals within the industry.  By investing in the next generation of talent, we are fostering innovation, and supporting our ongoing evaluation strategy by shaping a brighter future for the engineering sector.”

The partnership between Springfield Training and Frasers Group exemplifies a shared vision for digital innovation, combined with a dedication to transform people’s lives through education, creating skilled professionals who drive innovation, elevate customer experiences, and shape the future of their industry.

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