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Yourtime officially launches in the UK, bringing affordable peer-to-peer tutoring to students in their time of need

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Technology start-up Yourtime has officially launched its peer-to-peer tutoring app in the UK, giving students a wealth of new opportunities to connect with their peers and access tailored guidance for their university courses. With in-person teaching set to be disrupted for the foreseeable future, Yourtime aims to revolutionise the student experience at a time when effective, collaborative technology is needed more than ever.

Yourtime is the first and only peer-to-peer tutoring app currently on the market. Rather than connecting directly with university professors or lecturers, Yourtime users link up with fellow students who have lived the same academic experience as them.

Tutor profiles are completely transparent, with hourly fees displayed alongside a rating system, enabling users to find the perfect tutor for them. Sessions can also be entirely flexible in length and can be arranged at any time of day or night, according to the needs of each user. Students are charged based on the time they spend on a video chat, rather than having to pay a flat fee per session.

Carla Soussana, Co-founder of Yourtime, said: “Online and app-based tutoring has traditionally been limited in its scope. Some apps fail to focus sufficiently on the university student experience, or lack flexibility in terms of pricing or session length. Given the tuition fee burden of the current generation of students, this needs to change.

“We created Yourtime to address these challenges. We believe in peer-to-peer tutoring not just because it makes getting that extra bit of help more affordable, but also because users get to bond and build relationships with someone who has been through the exact same situation as they have.

“In many respects, fellow students and recent graduates understand the nuances of modern university study better than a detached (and more expensive) professional tutor who completed their degree many years ago. Given the uniquely tough environment students are facing due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we see building these connections between peers absolutely vital to student success and wellbeing, as well as future job prospects.”

Having completed a soft launch earlier in the year, Yourtime has already amassed over 10,000 subscribers, with the app currently offering support for 35 degree courses, and more being added on a frequent basis. The app has an engagement rate of 83.7%, with 75% of users saying they would be very likely to recommend Yourtime to someone else. Alongside its academic focus, Yourtime also plans to expand into non-academic topics in the coming months, growing into a holistic tutoring service that helps users make the very most of their skills and hobbies.

Ghita Tahiri, Co-founder at Yourtime, added: “Students need as much assistance as they can get to maximise their academic success in the current climate, as well as increase their employability in a tough job market after graduation. As far as tutoring support is concerned, they need more than what is currently on the table.

“Yourtime helps them tap into their technological, nurturing and entrepreneurial capabilities. When budgets are tight, it provides a means to either get some additional support without breaking the bank, or make a few extra pounds to help make ends meet. In a time of increased isolation, it also aims to bring like-minded people a little closer together.

“This is our vision, and we can’t wait to grow it further.” 

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