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Successful Mums Receives Community Provider Award

Jne Knight and Georgina Crispin

Successful Mums Career Academy, has been awarded Sue Robson – Community Grants Provider of the Year 2023 for its back-to-work coaching programme. The business scooped the prestigious accolade at the London Learning Consortium Awards Celebration event on 19th June.

Successful Mums delivers training to support parents back to work, to upskill or start a business. The award-winning coaching programme is designed specifically for parents who want to return to work but may have lost their confidence and are looking for flexible family-friendly roles. With a series of tailored one-to-one sessions by skilled coaches, and forward-thinking career advice, each parent is treated as an individual and supported to achieve their own personal goals.

Jane Knight, mum of two and founder of Successful Mums comments:

“I am so delighted that we have been recognised by London Learning Consortium in this way for such a core part of our delivery programme. The funding we receive makes a real and transformative impact to people’s lives and enables us to turn someone’s dream into reality. Many of the learners come from low-income backgrounds or are struggling financially, mentally, and physically. Through this programme, my goal is to help these parents take stock of all their amazing accomplishments and realise the transferable skills that they have learnt both as a mum and in previous careers.”

The judging panel from London Learning Consortium (LLC) commended Successful Mums on the delivery of an outstanding service to learners, and a consistently high quality, ‘excellent programme’. The team at LLC recognised the importance of community grants to really make an impact and affect people’s lives through support of education and employment.

Zaia Merabet, London Learning Consortium comments:

“Not only was it a delight to work with Successful Mums, and see the dedication, innovation, and impact they made, but behind the scenes the compliance and quality was second to none. The programme has made a huge difference to the community and exceeded expected job outcomes, enabling mothers to achieve success in both their personal and professional lives.”

According to a recent report, every year at least 120,000 mums leave full-time work, while 25,080 mums leave the workforce altogether, yet 98% of mothers want to work. Successful Mums wants to change this.  Jane continues: “We don’t believe mums should feel there is no choice but to stay at home, nor that they should be penalised because of having a baby. Having a child should signify the start of a new chapter not the end of a career.”

Visit Successful Mums to find out more.

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