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Which NEBOSH Diploma is right for your Health and Safety Career?

Getting a NEBOSH Diploma is a natural progression for many health and safety employees following their receipt of a NEBOSH General Certificate. With the increasing costs, both in terms of finance and time, of going to university, for many this is a viable solution for career progression. 

However, for many, making the decision to take the next step and assessing whether it’s the right move for them can be a difficult decision to make. Finances, choosing the right course, finding the time to study whilst maintaining a job and taking more time to for further study, can all play their rolein deterring potential students. 

Here are some useful tips that give you an idea of what to expect and whether this is the right course at the right time for you. 

  1. What is NEBOSH?

What exactly is NEBOSH? It stands for National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. They don’t provide SHE courses but instead provide a syllabus of relevant training and exam papers to approved providers. NEBOSH qualifications are professionally recognised and those holding them can apply to use letters after their name such as TechIOSH, GradIOSH, CMIOSH, and MIIRSM. 

  1. What is a NEBOSH Diploma?

Before undertaking a diploma it’s a good idea – but not a pre-requisite – to have already been awarded a NEBOSH General Certificate. A good understanding of the English language is advisable too. NEBOSH qualifications are some of the most popular health and safety qualifications and, as such, are held in high regard by employers, employees and everyone else in the industry. The duration of study usually lasts between 250 – 500 hours and culminates with three written papers and one assignment. It is the equivalent of an honours degree level qualification. 

  1. National or International?

The qualifications come in two forms. The NEBOSH National Diploma, which is UK-specific, and the NEBOSH International Diploma, which is – as you might have guessed – internationally recognised. Therefore you need to consider where your career (or personal aspiration) is likely to take you.

If you’re from the UK and foresee a career overseas or are a non-UK resident then the international diploma is going to be a good fit for you. However, if you’re remaining UK-based or planning to relocate to the UK from abroad then the national/general diploma will be what you need!

  1. Find a Course that Works for you

People coming to get a NEBOSH qualification are arriving from lots of different places. A lot already have a job – albeit full or part time, in or out of the SHE industry – so fitting in all the extra studying can be difficult to do. Of course, individuals all learn in different ways too, so choosing a course that matches your style is paramount to getting the best results. 

Many NEBOSH diplomas are available through e-learning, which means candidates can study at times to suit them from the comfort of their own homes. All that is required is a laptop and an Internet connection. 

  1. What’s Included in the two Types of Diploma?

Of course there is some cross over between the UK and International specific diplomas on offer but there are other variants too. The NEBOSH International Diploma covers international SHE law and the NEBOSH National Diploma focuses on UK-based legislation as well as hazards and controls and how best to manage them. 

So, having lifted the lid on exactly what comprises a NEBOSH Diploma, you should have a much better understanding of whether the qualification is right for you.

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