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Studying From Home: Will you need to switch your broadband provider?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Universities will transition from in-person classes to online lectures come September. 

In preparation, the team at Uswitch have revealed which cities need better broadband – so you can switch up your provider in time for the new remote-learning! 

With 22,000 monthly complaints, Norwich was ranked the worst area for remote-learning.

So whether your studying from the comfort of your own home or from your new student accommodation its time to consider a broadband switch up. 

Cambridge landed in second place. With 6,600 monthly complaints, the city just can’t handle the student workload! 

Top 10 Worst Cities for Remote-Learning:

  1. Norwich – 22,000 monthly complaints 
  2. Cambridge – 6,600 
  3. London – 2,400
  4. Brighton – 1,600
  5. Bristol – 1,600
  6. Birmingham – 590
  7. Hull – 390
  8. Milton Keynes – 320 
  9. Sheffield – 210 
  10. Glasgow- 140 

Glasgow landed at the 10th spot with 140 monthly complaints. Although the city has the lowest ranking, students living close to the city could definitely do with an upgrade! 

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