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The Henley College Football Team Star in Toilet Roll Challenge

The @HenleyCol lege Football Team Star in Toilet Roll #StayAtHomeChallenge 

With the sporting calendar on hold during the coronavirus pandemic, football stars around the world are challenging each other to perform tricks with a toilet roll as part of the #stayathomechallenge to encourage fans to practise social distancing.

The Henley College Head of Marketing, Rhian Mason saw the challenge online and challenged the college’s football team, The Dons to give it go.  She said, “As you will see from the video I think Head Coach, Tom and the team smashed it.”

Tom said, “When Rhian put it to me, the ball started to roll pretty quick and the guys were up for it.”

In order of appearance, Tom Guy (Head Coach), Jack Woodley (assistant coach), George Baxter, Charlie Douglas, Sam Clark, Pav Kazcorowski, Bertie Spencer, Elliot Brandon, Jake Jones, Jake Turnbull (students) feature in the above video doing amazing keepie uppies.

How many times did the players need to record their part?  Tom replied, “There was definitely a few bloopers across the squad before we all got it right, thankfully we have a talented bunch of lads who adapted to the toilet roll pretty quick!  We’ve had some great feedback, it’s been positive across the whole college.”

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