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#HoxbyWorld365 Challenge: Remote Workforce Unites To Circumnavigate The Globe Fundraising For Mental Health

The Hoxby Collective is a global community of  500 freelancers in 30 countries, who work together (as a traditional business might, in project teams etc) but entirely remotely and with respect for each individual’s preferred hours of work.

Hoxby has challenged its community to ‘virtually’ circumnavigate the globe in a year, clocking up miles physically by running, walking, swimming, skiing, horse riding, rowing and more – in an exciting initiative titled #HoxbyWorld365

The initiative began on 1st January 2019 and this week sees the community reach Russia – a small town called Askat to be precise. The weekly target for the community is 480 miles. This will be the first time a remote workforce has attempted to unite to do this.

HoxbyWorld365 is one of the many ways that the Hoxby Community works together to achieve a happier and more fulfilled society. Achieving true work/life balance is integral to the Hoxby ethos- and finding time to exercise in the open air plays a significant role.

Studies have shown that exercise boosts workplace productivity by 21%* and motivation by 41%** – and 150 minutes per week can equate to a 31%*** lower risk of depression.

Joint CEO Alex Hirst explains;

“We decided as a community to challenge ourselves to run around the world. The #HoxbyWorld365 challenge is very personal for some, for others, it is a way to connect as humans within a remote working environment. We’re so proud of each individual success story, but also the fact that this has been an ‘opt in’ initiative and we have seen so many Hoxbies not only choose to do this but also support one another.”

Since 1st January 2019, The Hoxby community has been using technology such as FitBit to track their miles around the globe.

Helen Barnes, who originated the #HoxbyWorld365 idea adds: “Hoxbies have been using smart technology to log their individual distances and we have calculated the global mileage using Strava. Our weekly target is 480 miles.”

The Hoxby Foundation – which will launch later this year – will support the #HoxbyWorld365 activity through fundraising for autism, mental health and many other causes.

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