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David Atchoarena discusses the global policy challenges for Lifelong Learning at the GLLS 2022

Interview with David Atchoarena at the GLLS 2022

Gavin O’Meara, CEO of FE News and FE Careers, chats with David Atchoarena, Director, UIL Unesco, about the global lifelong learning policy challenges.

David discusses Lifelong Learning challenges globally, how they are different on a national basis and also locally. He also unpacks inter-generational learning, where some nations are experiencing aging populations and how generations can complete lifelong learning in different environments.

Social Contracts and individual entitlements for Lifelong learning

David explores social contracts for lifelong learning and individual entitlements for learners. We explore how this is delivered different globally in a policy context, where in Singapore there is a Skills Credit System.

Holistic Approach to Lifelong learning, including well-being and productivity

We then unpack several of the sessions from Day 1 of the Global Lifelong Learning Summit 2022 in Singapore, looking at the holistic approach to Lifelong learning, wellbeing and productivity.

Unpacking Singapore’s Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s session on the future challenges for Lifelong learning

We also explore the fascinating session from Singapore’s Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for Social Policies, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam. Which was an incredibly interesting where Tharman explains that the optimism for a better future for learners to have greater opportunities than their parents is at an all time low and how to address this.

Tharman discussed three core areas to address for Lifelong learning:

Blue collar and white collar workers and the impact of the new phase of automation, particularly how to make life easier for the average worker. The second core area identified by Thurman was the middle aged and mid-career worker and how to support SMEs with Lifelong learning policies.

So we discuss this with David and the impact of credentials and micro-credentials in lifelong learning.

David finishes up by exploring the challenges to implement the agenda and the cost of living crisis at the inaugural Global Lifelong Learning Summit (GLLS) 2022.

David chats about the global challenges of implementing the lifelong learning agenda while maintaining the initial vision and positive outcomes.

He also discusses the cost of living crisis: how to maintain the standards of living while implementing lifelong learning.

Short interview with David Atchoarena

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