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Northampton Acting graduates are in good voice – thanks to professional training accreditation

Gemma training first year Acting students and talking about the Estill accreditation.

Actors graduating from the University of Northampton will have a competitive edge over their peers after the institution became one of just eight in the world to receive Estill Voice Training accreditation.

Estill Voice Training, which is embedded into the Acting course curriculum, enables students to learn how to master techniques which improve both their spoken and singing vocal performances.

The techniques, pioneered by Jo Estill, encourage those who seek vocal versatility to explore the full range of expression in the human voice, but not at the expense of vocal wellbeing.

The training is conducted by Acting & Drama Lecturers Gemma Boaden and Leon Trayman, who are both Estill Master Trainers.

Gemma said: “Having the accreditation is a really big deal for the University and our students. Being just one of eight institutions worldwide to offer the training means Northampton is one of a handful of go-to places if you want to have the very best vocal training.”

She added: “Jo Estill’s ethos was ‘everybody has a beautiful voice. She truly believed you could train anyone to use the exercises she devised for speaking and singing and I totally subscribe to that view.

“The Estill techniques enable your voice to have emotional intensity, truth and authenticity, while preserving your vocal health and improving stamina.

“Every student who successfully completes the training receives certification which is formally recognised by Spotlight, providing them with a competitive advantage when going for acting parts.”

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