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QTLS is a fantastic way to unlock and improve your teaching practice

Call for SET members to register to undertake QTLS for the January 2020 cohort

The registration window for Qualified Teacher Learning Skills (QTLS) is now open and will close on 17 January 2020. The Society for Education and Training’s (SET) members have until then to register for the next cohort undertaking Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status in January 2020.

SET, the membership body dedicated to professionals working across further education, vocational teaching and training, is inviting members to apply during the current registration window. With more organisations requiring QTLS as part of their job criteria, SET is expecting to see another steady increase in uptake over the next year. 

More than 22,000 practitioners already hold this nationally-recognised status, enabling them to develop and demonstrate their skills and knowledge through practice, and helping them to drive up professional standards in the sector.

Registrations for the next QTLS cohort close on 17 January 2020, with participants gaining access to their online workbooks in January, to be completed over the following six months. SET offers continuous support to all those undertaking the badge of professionalism through local network group events, webinars, live webchats, and a dedicated Facebook group page with an online community of more than 900 members.

What is QTLS?

QTLS is a nationally-recognised status which SET members can gain by successfully completing a “professional formation” process, enabling practitioners to develop and demonstrate skills and knowledge through their practice. 

Achieving QTLS signals to employers and colleagues a commitment to excellence, brings additional impact to teaching, and provides a rich developmental opportunity that enables practitioners to show progression and to work collaboratively with colleagues.

Underpinned by the Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers, QTLS helps professionals to critically reflect on the difference the process has had on their practice and learners.

As part of the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), SET is the only organisation which can confer this badge of professionalism, allowing teachers and trainers to gain the professional recognition they deserve. Recent statistics reveal that 88 per cent of successful applicants say that QTLS has had a positive impact on their practice.

Who is it for?

QTLS is aimed at:

  • teachers, trainers and professionals working in the Further Education and Training sector
  • qualified staff in a teaching role working with post-14 learners (Years 10, 11 and above) in a school or sixth form college, as QTLS continues to be recognised in law as having parity with QTS
  • teachers or trainers who have recently completed their initial teacher training, as well as those who already have experience of teaching.

What are the key benefits of QTLS?

  • enhances your career prospects 
  • offers recognition of your status as a professional teacher or trainer
  • is valuable CPD that will enhance your knowledge and skills, and build your confidence 
  • is an opportunity to engage with relevant educational theory and research and work collaboratively with colleagues to improve your practice 
  • allows you to use the initials as a designation and display an MSET QTLS digital pin on your online profiles 
  • is recognised in law as having parity with QTS.

Additionally, it sets you on the pathway to Advanced Teacher Status (ATS), which recognises mastery level expertise for experienced teachers and trainers.

Tricia Odell, Head of Professional Status at the Education and Training Foundation, said: “We encourage all teachers and trainers in the Further Education sector looking to improve their practice, to undertake QTLS so they can gain deserved national recognition and help improve their career prospects.

“This current registration window open until 30 September promises to be very popular. Working towards QTLS provides an exciting development opportunity for teachers and trainers and we look forward to supporting our members to gain this badge of professionalism.”

Polly Wardle, Senior Sports Lecturer, said: “Gaining QTLS has significantly and positively impacted on my students. I have also kept up to date with new technologies in the classroom, increasing learner engagement and motivation. This is evident in the students’ grades that have been achieved since.” 

Calvin Maye, secondary school PE Teacher and Academy Coach, said: “QTLS is a fantastic way to unlock and improve your teaching practice and it is a great industry-recognised professional status. It will enhance your reputation and career prospects as well as demonstrate to your learners your continued dedication to improving teaching and learning.”

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