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Sa’ad Medhat discusses Innovation Hubs

NEF’s Sa’ad Medhat from NEF discusses Innovation Hubs.

Medhat outlines the importance of developing Sci-Tech Innovation Hubs in Further Education to drive economic development. Hubs drive Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic development by drawing together both college and employer to establish a programme to satisfy the local Sci-Tech skills needs of employers in the region.

Cornwall College, Norwich College and Highbury College have already started the process of establishing Innovation Hubs in partnership with local Sci-Tech employers in their local area. Medhat explains that a Super-hub is also going to be established in the Suffolk and Cambridge region, incorporating three colleges and employers in the region (Cambridge Regional College, West Suffolk College and Huntingtonshire Regional College).

Click on the video below to hear more about how colleges are utilising Innovation Hubs to develop the skills needs for local Sci-Tech employers:

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