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What is the best Digital Human tech for multilingual videos?

Screenshot from Guildhawk mulilingual video featuring Digital Human avatar of Kasia and construction industry worker

New AI-powered Digital Human technology is getting better but what is the best technology to create professional multilingual videos? The Digital Human of Kasia, at Guildhawk explains how new Machine Translation now creates the amazing results needed for text-to-speech video.

You want viewers to understand and be inspired when they watch your videos in their own language. Thus, the translation and localisation of the words the digital human avatar speaks must be sensational. Kasia’s avatar in the video shows how the latest new virtual humans look and sound authentic because they are powered by new Artificial Intelligence.

Screenshot of Guildhawk multilingual digital human twin avatar of Kasia
The multilingual Digital Human of Kasia at Guildhawk

Old technologies tended to create human avatars that you could instantly see were not lifelike. This is because the lip movements and facial expressions did not synchronise with the words spoken. In the worst case, avatars are more cartoon like and lip movements are so poor as to be funny and distract the viewer. This is a special challenge when the digital human must speak another language for a multilingual video.

How many languages can the best Digital humans speak?

New AI digital human avatars can speak over 60 languages and this is increasing. This is because new Natural Language Processing (NLP), trained on vast data lakes of now creates better results. This can be seen in the two versions of a multilingual video Guildhawk created for the Institute of Government and Public Policy. One video features the digital human speaking English, the other is speaking fluent French. Note how the background text has been translated and localised to help improve understanding.

Two Guildhawk screenshots one with a human and the other the same person as a digital human avatar
CLICK HERE to watch the two videos with the Digital Humans speaking English and French

These remarkable improvements in AI and Machine Translation is due to amazing new advances in machine learning. These next generation technologies give a glimpse into the future and will power the fourth Industrial Revolution.

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