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Remote workers win back 8 days every year by not commuting


Real Business Rescue has surveyed 1,000 Brits who either currently commute to work or used to commute to uncover their thoughts and feelings on the return to the office, revealing just one in seven Brits are excited about going back. 

Here are some key figures: 

  • Less than half (42%) still commute to work five days a week
  • One in seven (14%) work from home full time
  • The average Brit working from the office commutes 46 minutes each day – for those working from home full time, they would gain back 11,667 minutes in commuting time this year – that’s a total of 8 days back
  • The average Brit spends £126 a month on commuting, meaning for the 14% of Brits working from home full time, they’d be saving over £1,500 a year
  • Almost double the number of Brits are excited to return to the office (13%) than those who do not want to return (7%)
  • Separating work from home is the third most missed aspect of the commute, with one in five (20%) agreeing 

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