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DocMatch, AI tech designed to cut down valuable business time, launches on 14th October 2022

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Offered free to students, universities and non-profits

DocMatch, a deep learning comparison system which can work on unstructured text documents, is launching next month in the UK. The solution aims to help companies, large and small, and individuals to compare contracts, agreements, studies, reports, essays, scientific or news articles, policies, legislations and terms. Developed as a Google Drive plugin by the company Docmatic, DocMatch addresses the challenge of approximately 30% of time spent locating crucial data during the week.

Established in Cracow, Poland, in 2018, Docmatic has invested half a million pounds in artificial intelligence research and development for the past three years. The company has also won two Grand Prizes in Startup competitions in the UK, Pitch to London 2021 and Accelpoint Demo Day Golden Ticket in 2021. Lukasz Malicki, CEO of Docmatic and ex-Roche data scientist, is confident in the potential of DocMatch in the UK. “We believe UK businesses and students alike will embrace DocMatch, as it can be used by anyone wanting to ensure the integrity of legal or political documentation, anti-plagiarism for an essay, and much more”, says Malicki.

DocMatch is a product built to help individual users and companies that have to process many documents, e.g. scientific studies, university essays, news articles or agreements. DocMatch analyses the similarity between documents (stored on a company’s Google Drive), extracting the meaning of every paragraph and clause, inspecting each sentence’s internal structure and dividing it into phrases of distinct logical sense. It allows us to find corresponding fragments of the same intended meaning in compared texts, even if they are written with entirely different styles and wording. DocMatch then delivers a detailed report on the most similar counterparts found for every clause. For example, omitted or repeated sentences, and most importantly, information on which provisions were added, removed or redacted and how their meaning changed.  

Lukasz Malicki, CEO of Docmatic said:

Thanks to our advanced machine learning models, DocMatch automatically understands the context and compares the content of two chosen documents, reading 27,000 words per minute with 99% accuracy in data extraction before proceeding with the data analysis. Using DocMatch, users will save time and get the job of two clients done in the time of one’s. We look forward to helping the UK tackle a problem that has probably been under-reported and saving them thousands in terms of hours and potential costs associated with incorrect documentation.

DocMatch will initially be available as a Google Plugin and will also be available as a SaaS option (suitable for any document) at the end of October. DocMatch will remain free for students, universities and non for profits and all other users, with a subscription model being introduced once the SaaS platform has launched.

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