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Five Simple Ways To Seek Inspiration As A Business Entrepreneur

When we start a new business, we can’t get off the ground: thoughts scatter, it is impossible to concentrate, and brainstorming methods do not help. What to do when inspiration is lost?

Choice problems

Artificially seeking inspiration is like trying to buy love. Such things are outside the system. They cannot be saddled by force. In my opinion, this is a story about work-life balance. If you need a weekend and a vacation, then you are a bad entrepreneur. I can’t entirely agree with that.

The key to an excellent business is new ideas and solutions. Giving up on weekends and messing around without stopping is the road to success, but local, financial success. There is no inspiration here.

Inspiration is about startups that enter the market like a surfer on a wave. They do not care about the foundations and rules because they establish their own. They are. And there is no recipe for how to follow their path. Their experiences are emotions and thoughts that arose in moments not related to the search for truth and inspiration. The only advice I can offer is to live and not be afraid of anything.

A wide variety of ideas

One idea is the story of an entrepreneur who started a cannabis company for medicinal purposes. Its shares are publicly traded on the stock market. Since the inception of the “drug,” the marijuana plant (official cannabis) has always been considered a narcotic. Its cultivation, collection, and sale were prosecuted in almost all civilized countries in the administrative or criminal order.

However, times are changing. Research has shown that marijuana has several beneficial and medicinal properties. This was the reason for the permission of several states for the production of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The marijuana trade has always been an extremely profitable business. Progress does not stand still, and the most developed countries such as the Netherlands, the United States, and Canada have set a course to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. This allowed entrepreneurs to organize large companies producing and selling the substance and investors – to legally invest their funds in this market and resort to the services of cannabis consulting.


When there are no ideas

For many entrepreneurs, travel is the best inspiration. They are filled with new ideas, new thoughts. Moreover, these thoughts, as a rule, do not relate to the surrounding reality. If I go to some ancient Buddhist temple, it does not mean that ideas will come regarding spiritual life. These will most likely be some decisions regarding the business since most of my life is connected with it. When there is no opportunity to quit current affairs and go somewhere, I try to look for exciting interlocutors who have achieved something in life and inspire me. And you can always read a book – for example, a biography of a successful person.


Huge variety of ideas

There is no shortage of ideas in the head. The difficulty lies elsewhere: since all projects are team-based, you need to convey these ideas to other participants. This usually takes time. Motivation is the keyword for me. To start a new project or run the following distance, I need to be motivated.


More practical tips for seeking inspiration

Entrepreneurs get involved in many adventures and are ready to fail. Where can I get ideas?

From other people – I have a “Yes-man” principle: I agree to almost all business meetings because you never know what you can get as a result. By the way, I make appointments at the most uncomfortable time for me – for example, early in the morning, so that the day lengthens.

I am also constantly inspired by achieving a result (with the process, I have somehow gotten worse). This is not necessarily a business goal. For example, a marathon or climbing a mountain energizes, which is poured into everything you do.



One of the biggest challenges all entrepreneurs face is the loss of inspiration. Entrepreneurs often pay too little attention to their physical or mental health. They work around the clock and are constantly stressed. As a rule, inspiration is lost either from unjustified expectations or from fatigue. Go in for active sports, get yourself a good sleep, and inspiration will return by itself.

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